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The Clavin Center is revolutionizing the cosmetic surgery industry in West Los Angeles.  Here patients can relax in the new beautiful, private facility and receive top of the line  consultations and treatments.  World class plastic surgeon Dr. Harold Clavin and his friendly staff welcome you to experience all the Clavin Center has to offer.

Dr. Harold Clavin is more than a remarkable board certified plastic surgeon and an expert in his field.  He is a creator and innovator, striving to give those who seek it a way to look and live exactly as they have always wanted.  While he has become famous for his nose surgeries, he also mastered other areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. creating and patenting the “Non-Surgical Eyelift.”  He has even developed his own line of skin care products.  Though most of his career has been devoted to cosmetic surgeries and procedures, he has also done considerable work with burns, trauma, and congenital defects.
Dr. Clavin is a teacher, lecturer, and been a guest on more than three dozen television shows.  He was interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America.  With over 35 years of experience and accolades, he is considered one of the most trusted and well-respected plastic surgeons in the country.  He was even voted "Best Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon" by his peers across the country and named "Best Nasal Surgeon" by L.A. Magazine and has had dozens of articles and features published.


Dr. Clavin has created the Clavin Center, taking his thriving practice in an exciting direction to a new beautiful and accessible location.  He elevates cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery to an art form with a warm and friendly demeanor.

The New Office

The Doctor Is In!

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