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A Letter to My Patients

I thought it would be interesting to discuss in this newsletter what I feel is unique about this plastic surgical office. This subject comes up quite a bit when I talk to patients who have visited other offices and compare their experiences.  Let's go over some points that I feel make this office stand out as unique.​


We endeavor to be a very friendly office.  We treat everyone who walks through the office doors with the utmost respect and professionalism.  We know every situation requires delicacy, and we take pride in our warm and inviting atmosphere.  You're not just a patient or a number, you're a person and you matter to us.

Everyone is different and we understand that.  Coming to a plastic surgical office can be an emotional strain for certain people. We really work hard in putting you at ease.  Once you get to know us, as the vast majority of our patients already know, we become a “happy family.”


It is quite disturbing to many people for a plastic surgical office to come on strong and try to push surgical procedures for which the patient has no desire.  I have at my disposal the ability and skill to perform hundreds of procedures to enhance one's appearance.  If requested, I or my staff will discuss the procedures which we feel will help substantially improve a particular individual's looks.  We will never discuss these options if it disturbs you in any way.


We hate to run our office like a business and endeavor to keep our office friendly and “family oriented.”  However, our present work is very complicated with a lot of rules and regulations forced upon us. Also my staff only has so much time in a working day, and there is a lot to accomplish.  Therefore, bear with us and cooperate as best you can to get the business part of our practice completed so we can concentrate on the fun part: "Making you smashing, handsome, beautiful, more youthful, or whatever other adjective you can think of."


The true skill of a plastic surgeon is to improve one's appearance substantially without any tell-tale signs of physical intervention.  If there is one thing this office is known for, it is for this skill in improving one's appearance NATURALLY.


I pride myself on the patient safety record in this office (and, for that matter, for my whole medical career since graduating medical school in 1968).  No patient having elective surgery (and there are thousands) has ever had anything close to a life-threatening problem.  When an anesthesiologist is used, it is always a highly qualified M.D., Board certified in anesthesiology.


This goes without question.  The infection rate in our office is far lower than in the hospital.


We don't like to hurt anyone.  There are ways to perform plastic surgery with a combination of intravenous sedation and local anesthesia that are absolutely painless.  Trust us—we have been doing this for years, and it works.  Just ask any patient you see in the waiting room.



I won't perform an operation that I truly don't enjoy.  In addition I must feel extremely skilled and comfortable performing a specific surgical procedure or I won't do it.  Now let's talk about some of my favorites.


A. Noses - It could be made so much better and so natural.  This type of surgery is my favorite, and I have mastered the art of rhinoplasty and revision nose surgery (fixing other surgeon’s mistakes) throughout my entire career.

B. Eyelids - Don't be afraid of that "operated, overdone" look.  It won't happen in this office.

C. Face lifts - Good on men as well as women, and we suggest you do them in your early forties.  Don't wait for the sagging skin to make permanent creases in your face or neck skin.

D. Breast implants - A wonderful procedure with a high patient satisfaction rate.  Wonderful advances in the procedure and in the actual types of breast implants allow for an amazing look and feel.

E. Fat injections - One of my pet procedures, for which I have received some notoriety.  It is done with no scars.  Permanent results are achieved to fill in frown and laugh lines.  Fat injections are far better and safer than collagen or other materials.

F. Light peels - A fabulous way to improve the aging skin in men or women, all skin types and colors from black to white and anything in between.  There is no loss in pigmentation.

G. Liposuction - This continues to be a safe and exciting way to eliminate unwanted and resistant fatty deposits around the hips, legs, knees, love handles, stomach, neck, chin, breasts, etc.  Liposuction has a high patient satisfaction rate.


**With changing times in the economy and individuals’ ideas about cosmetic and plastic surgery, the Injectables in the industry have exploded on the scene.  First and foremost, potential patients need to be aware of the hundreds if not thousands of under qualified and untrained practitioners of all kinds are out there everywhere doing these procedures at lower rates and with devastating results.  Anyone with a medical license can order Botox and fillers and all similar products.  Even worse, seeing the lucrative potential of these cosmetic procedures, doctors allow people to use their license numbers to order these materials and sell themselves and the procedures to the unsuspecting public.  It is absolutely imperative that you check the background of the person(s) administering any cosmetic procedure to you and your loved ones.  This epidemic is very real and very scary and the results can include permanent damage to a patient.  I am a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon (which can be verified from multiple resources), and not only am I qualified to inject Botox and Juvederm—both amazing alternatives to cosmetic surgeries to truly turn back the clock years on your skin and entire look—I spend an extended period of time sculpting the face with these products for the optimal outcome for each individual. 

It is again emphasized that the overriding desire of any cosmetic surgery performed in this office is to leave the patient with a very natural and un-operated look without compromising our outstanding results.

Diplomat, American Board of Plastic surgery

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