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Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is an amazing part of the medical industry.  When patients come to Dr. Clavin, they are getting a world class board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and can only expect the most professional care and impeccable results.  Plastic surgery truly transforms lives!  
​Dr. Clavin has spent over 35 years studying and perfecting the different types of plastic surgeries, adapting to the advancing technologies.  He uses the techniques he has discovered give the best short and long term results.  He prides himself in his ability to achieve the patient's desired changes with the most natural look for the individual.  Dr. Clavin personally selects the anesthesiologist for every surgery based a very specific philosophy on anesthesia.  The methods they choose to use significantly reduce the risks associated with anesthesia, and the common negative side effects such as severe nausea and drowsiness after the procedure are virtually eliminated.  Every patient is in the most trusted and professional doctors' hands during every cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Injectables such as Botox and Juvederm are considered to be the closest versions of the fountain of youth available in the industry. These treatments provide the option for patients to have a nonsurgical solution to smoothing away lines and wrinkles and to bringing back fullness to desired areas.  

Some patients prefer injectables because even though the results are temporary (lasting months, even up to a year), they are a much more affordable option in comparison to permanent cosmetic surgeries.  Each patient requires a tailored treatment plan for the most ideal results, and another plus, no anesthesia required.  Dr. Clavin specializes in facial sculpting with all the injectables, including fat grafting.  The doctor takes his time to give each patient the most youthful and natural look possible.

In-Depth Consultations

First and foremost patients need to be comfortable and well informed. At the Clavin Center, we take pride in the amount of time and energy put into every single office visit but especially in the first in-depth personalized consultation.

What sets the Clavin Center and Dr. Clavin apart from other practices and doctors is the time and care taken with each person that comes through the door.  There is not only the bonus of significant time with a consultation specialist if you want it, but Dr. Clavin himself sees every patient for as long as they need to get to know him, his philosophy, and all the aspects of any cosmetic procedures.  He has a firm "no pressure" stance during the consultations and is most concerned with patients being very informed and comfortable.

Proper skin care is a cornerstone in keeping your skin looking young and beautiful.  Dr. Clavin established Clavin Laboratories to provide people of all ages with a simple, effective, and complete skin care regimen.  From maintenance products like sun protectors and moisturizers to anti-aging serums, Clavin Labs offers product lines for wide variety of skin care necessities. 

The skin care products Dr. Clavin promotes include a Replenix line of products that repair and reinvigorate skin, a Glycolix line that smooths and cleanses, a new Citrix line formulated with Vitamin C that nourishes and brightens, lotion and body wash for sensitive skin types, and antioxidant-rich creams and serums.  The top of the line, hand chosen skin care products were developed for optimal results with ease of use in an every day skin care routine.

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