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Here at the Clavin Center, both men and women of all ages and circumstances are welcomed and encouraged to take advantage of the variety of services and expertise that Dr. Clavin and his wonderful staff are bringing to the area.  He has developed a tremendous following through his years of dynamic achievements.  Now at this new center he has created the perfect combination of quality and tranquility provided at your convenience.  Patients are guaranteed treatment plans designed to accommodate every individual's needs and desires.  You are in gifted hands. 



I found Dr. Clavin to be extraordinarily professional but warm, technically skilled but artistic, and attuned to what I wanted and what would best achieve that goal. He did a revision rhinoplasty that was top notch - my nose looks much better and more natural now. And there was no pain. None - before, during, or after the procedure. I also healed much more quickly than I did years ago, the first time. I would recommend Dr. Clavin to anyone.


I was considering plastic surgery for the first time. I visited several surgeons among those on the ‘Best Plastic Surgeons list’, and I felt that Dr. Clavin gave me the most realistic picture of what could and could not be done for me, and why some of the procedures other surgeons suggested would not work for me. It is about 6 weeks since I had the surgery and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. ( I had a neck lift, the bags under my eyes removed, my nose modified and my upper lip enlarged.) I feel I look considerably younger and more attractive, and the improvements look completely natural. More importantly friends who know I had the surgery can see a big improvement, while those who don’t know I had the surgery have not made any comments. Thus I feel I significantly improved my appearance without letting everyone know that I had plastic surgery. I recommend Dr. Clavin and his staff in the strongest possible terms and without reservation. I also strongly recommend Halcyon, an after-care facility that Dr. Clavin's office recommended in Marina del Rey.

I would just like to thank you and your staff for the thoughtful and considerate care provided to me from my first appointment to the call at home after surgery. Most importantly, I felt extremely comfortable during the surgery, and I found it especially calming when you would speak to me and keep me “updated” I have been to many doctors for a variety of reasons, and your bedside manner is beyond compare.


As for the results of the surgery, I could not be happier; your eye for aesthetics is amazing. Even though the procedure was minor, and I am glad that I found, and went with the best.


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